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Kesys has partnered with the ground breaking  Identity Management company TrewPort to provide the enterprise deployments, product customizations for the ANZ Region.

Identity Management Solutions - Enterprise grade solutions with Single sign-on (SSO) for multitude of applications

Like to Reduce your Helpdesk costs?

Manage security with your finger tips?

Our unique approach can deliver the business outcomes in few weeks if not months

Are you wondering how to have a single sign on (SSO)  for all your enterprise Applications?

Whether it is a federated or cloud based CRM systems please talk to us today.

TrewIDM is a comprehensive Identity Management product which addresses Provisioning, deprovisioning, single sign on and audit requirements of enterprises. With a distributed architecture and wizard driven configuration, an organization can easily use TrewIDM to address its user identity management and SSO requirements. TrewIDM is available in multiple flavors including Enterprise and SaaS models. TrewIDM is currently used by many fortune 2000 companies in achieving their identity management goals.


  • Policy based user Onboarding and off boarding
  • Support for multiple source of truth systems
  • Single Sign On for Enterprise applications
  • Federated Single Sign On for SaaS applications
  • Self-Service: New and additional access
  • Self-Service: Password reset
  • Audit reports
  • Integrates with ticketing systems
  • Strong authentication – Using OTP (One Time Passcode) – Token generated by any HOTP
  • supported iPhone / iPad app
  • Customizable UI screens
  • Approval

TrewIDM selective customers